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Publicity through newspapers like Hindustan Times, Times of India and The Hindu, magazines.

NAD started working in 2005 and it is 2016 now.

When a deaf person cleared IAS exam, he was not considered by the govt. many deaf people protested against it to support him. With discussions with CCPD he was finally accepted.

Publicity through newspaper was made for it. WWD, 3rd Dec celebration at India Gate, there have been clippings of the event in the newspaper.

Planning Commission, now changed to Niti Ayog with the coming of Modi govt. In 2006 when deaf people protested for involving deaf person in the committee which was later accepted. NAD’s Secretary A. S. Narayanan was chosen for the same. It was covered in the newspaper.

International Week of the Deaf celebration in September, various programs in the event were covered by media.

RPWD Bill 2014 solidarity rally to support passing of the bill in Delhi. Many people gathered there. There are pictures of the same.

International Women’s day- various programs were publicized.

When ISLRTC was getting merged with NIHH, deaf people protested against that and wanted ISLRTC to be an autonomous body. A lot of debate and discussion took place and with time on 22nd September 2015 ISLRTC became an autonomous body. There were pictures and publicity.

NAD has filed PIL for driving licence for the Deaf to the High Court of Delhi. High Court passed the driving licence for the Deaf. It has published a lot of newspapers. Click the different newspapers clippings.

The deaf school in Delhi was working well before, there was no involvement of Social Welfare Department but Social Welfare Department has taken away a big part of the land of the deaf school. There have been demands to give the land to the school. It has been covered by the media. You can read it.

The Week magazine has interviewed with A. S. Narayanan, Anuj Jain and Geeta Sharma from NAD in August 2015.

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