Brief History

I will tell you about the history of NAD.

There were two hearing persons named Arun Rao and JSK Rao. They had a meeting in Bhopal and planned to establish NAD. Both of them started working on it in full force.

They thought that the responsibility must be shared with deaf persons too. In 2001, a deaf person named Ian Stillman went to Kullu, HP and was caught in a drugs case by the police. He was imprisoned in Shimla.

Arun Rao explained to the deaf people that such a thing can happen to any deaf person.

Ian Stillman was a famous person and was a member of NIHH. So things were easier for him. If such a thing happens to a simple and poor deaf person, who will help him. It is better to establish the working of NAD.

Even after staying in jail, Ian Stillman did a lot of hard work inside and made really beautiful art pieces. We will show the beautiful art pieces to you.

Arun Rao had a meeting with deaf leaders and discussed on what to do in establishing NAD. Arun Rao asked them to list down all the problems that deaf people face in India.

He asked them if foreign countries deaf people have good. They said yes it is the best in the foreign countries.

He explained that even that deaf is Austria leave a lot of similar problems. Deaf people in the whole world have a lot of similar problems. Arun Rao explained them and they have understood.

Nearly 5000 deaf people from all over India gathered at India Gate, Delhi on December 3rd, 2005 for the first time. A lot of people become NAD members.

We remember and thank Arun Rao for his support.

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Posted on 22 Jul 2016.

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