Our Affiliations with Important NGOs

NAD has the full confidence and support from the following Associations, both in India and abroad. These associations have given their full cooperation to NAD in its mission of helping the deaf population in India.

Associations for the Deaf

The list of Deaf-related Associations that are affilitated to NAD.

States District Association Affiliated Since
Andhra Pradesh Annamma Annamma School for Hearing and Physically Handicapped & Baby Care Centre Jul-09
Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh Government Deaf Employees Association. Jul-07
Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad Deaf Art & Cultural Society Jun-07
Andhra Pradesh Kurnool Kurnool District Association of the Deaf & Dumb Apr-08
Andhra Pradesh Mahabubnagar Mahabubnagar District Association of the Deaf Jul-05
Andhra Pradesh Nellore Nellore District Association of the Deaf Jun-07
Andhra Pradesh Nellore Nellore Hearing Handicapped Welfare Society Jun-07
Andhra Pradesh Srikakluam Srikakulam Dist. Association of Deaf Jun-07
Andhra Pradesh Vijayawada Krishna  District Association of the Deaf Apr-05
Bihar Gaya Gaya District Association of the Deaf, Gaya Aug-07
Bihar Munger Munger District Association of the Deaf Nov-09
Bihar Patna Bihar Sports Council of The Deaf Sep-07
Bihar Patna Patna Deaf Friendship Club Jun-07
Chhattisgarh Raipur Chhattisgarh Deaf Association Jun-18
Delhi Delhi The Deaf Way Foundation Dec-05
Delhi Delhi Delhi Deaf Friendship Society Dec-05
Gujarat Ahmedabad Gujarat Association of the Deaf Feb-17
Haryana Gurgaon Gurgaon Association of the Deaf Mar-12
Haryana Fatehabad Haryana Deaf Society Mar-19
Himachal Pradesh Shimla Association of The Deaf Himachal Pradesh Jan-19
Himachal Pradesh Shimla Shimla Deaf Friendship Club Jan-06
Jammu & Kashmir Srinagar Association of Deaf And Dumb May-19
Jharkhand Jamshedpur Singhbhum District Association of the Deaf Jul-07
Kerala Chengannur Alappuzha District Association of the Deaf Jun-07
Kerala Kollam Kollam District Association of the Deaf Jun-07
Kerala Thiruvananthapuram All Kerala Federation of The Deaf Dec-16
Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Bhopal Deaf Association Jun-07
Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Madhyanchal Deaf Association Dec-15
Madhya Pradesh Chhindwara Satpura Badhir Sangh Jan-17
Madhya Pradesh Gwalior Gwalior Badhir Society Jan-17
Madhya Pradesh Indore Indore Deaf Friendship Club Feb-11
Madhya Pradesh Indore Malwa Association of the Deaf Jun-10
Madhya Pradesh Indore Malwa-Nimad Association of the Deaf Mar-11
Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur Jabalpur Deaf Friendship Club Jun-07
Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur Mahakaushal Association of the Deaf Feb-07
Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur Rotary Club Community of the Deaf Jul-07
Manipur Mantripukhri All Manipur Association of the Deaf and Mute Oct-08
Maharashtra Aurangabad State Level Association of the Deaf (SLAD) Mar-20
Orissa Cuttack Orissa Unemployed Association of the Deaf Jul-08
Panjab Patiala Patiala Association of the Deaf Dec-17
Pondicherry Pondicherry Pondicherry Association of the Deaf Nov-07
Rajasthan Bikaner Bikaner Deaf Society May-15
Rajasthan Hanumangarh Hanumangarh Deaf Society Oct-14
Rajasthan Jaipur Rajasthan Association of the Deaf (RAD) May-11
Rajasthan Sriganganagar The Deaf Society Sriganganagar Jul-14
Tamil Nadu Chennai The Silence Brotherhood Jun-06
Tamil Nadu Coimbatore Deaf Leaders Foundation Sep-10
Tamil Nadu Vellore Vellore District Deaf Development Association Oct-05
Telangana Hyderabad Deaf Enabled Foundation Jan-10
Telangana Magabubnagar Magabubnagar District Association of the Deaf Jul-07
Telangana Yeddumailarm Ordnance Factory Deaf Employees Welfare Association Apr-08
Uttarakhand Dehradun Deaf Welfare Association Apr-09
Uttar Pradesh Agra Agra Association of the Deaf Sep-19
Uttar Pradesh Allahabad Allahabad Deaf Friendship Club Sep-09
Uttar Pradesh Jhansi Jhansi Badhir Society Jul-20
Uttar Pradesh Kanpur Kanpur Deaf Friendship Club Feb-08
Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Aligarh Association  Of the Deaf
Affiliated U.P Sport Council of the Deaf
Uttar Pradesh Varanasi Varanasi Badhir Society Nov-16
Uttar Pradesh Varanasi Varanasi Deaf Friendship Club Jun-07
Uttarkhand Dehradun Deaf Welfare Association Apr-09
West Bengal Kolkata West Bengal Forum of the Deaf Jan-10

Organisations for Disabilities

NAD is in full cooperation with the following organisations that give support to people with disabilities.

Sr. Name of Organisation
1 Accessibility - Centre for the Internet and Society
2 Action for Ability Development and Inclusion
Association for Disabled People
Barrier Break
5 Brotherhood
6 Disabled Rights Group (DRG)
7 Muskaan
8 National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People
9 The Federation of Disabled Rights 

International Organisations

NAD collaborates with such International Organisations / Universities to learn and promote positive changes for the deaf people in India.

Country Name of Organisation
International Associate Member with World Federation of the Deaf
Galluadet University
  Disabled People's International
  International Disability Alliance
Asia WFD Regional Secretariat Asia
Posted on 24 Sep 2016.

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