RPWD Act 2016 in Indian Sign Language

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Chapter I - Preliminary!

Chapter II - Rights and Entitlements

Chapter III - Education

Chapter IV - Skill Development and Employment

Chapter V - Social Security, Health, Rehabilitation and Recreation

Chapter VI - Special Provisions for Persons with Benchmark Disabilities

Chapter VII - Special Provisions for Persons with High Support Needs

Chapter VIII - Duties and Responsibilities of Appropriate Governments

Chapter IX - Registration of Institutions for Persons with Disabilities and Grants to such Institutions

Chapter X - Certification of Specified Disabilities

Chapter XI - Central & State Advisory Boards on Disability and District Level Committees

Chapter XII - Chief Commissioner and State Commissioner for Disabilities

Chapter XIII - Special Courts

Chapter XIV - National Fund For Persons with Disabilities

Chapter XV - State Fund for Persons with Disabilities

Chapter XVI - Punishment for Offences of Atrocities

Chapter XVII - Power of State Government to make Rules

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