NAD Team met Hon’ble Chief Minster of Delhi Shri Arvind Kejriwal

Location: Civil Lines, New Delhi    Projects: Education Activities: Dharna Meeting


NAD Team met Hon’ble Chief Minster of Delhi Shri Arvind Kejriwal

Mr. A. S. Narayanan, Secretary of NAD, Mr. Zorin Singha, President of NAD and Mrs. Geeta Sharma, Woment Secretary of NAD with Sign Language Interpreter Ms. Surbhi Taneja met Shri Arvind Kejriwal, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi, Delhi Government at his resident in New Delhi on 9th November, 2016. They talked with Shri Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi with deep anguish to bring a matter of grave concern to his notice. The Department of Social Welfare, Delhi Goverment has illegally seized more than half the area of the Govt. Lady Noyce Sr. Secondary School for the Deaf. The junior deaf students have been secretively sent to school in North Delhi, situated in Timarpur.

  • First of all, NAD Team want to present the location as well as history of the school so that the ‘reality’ is well perceived and understood generally. During the British rule, around during 2nd November 1931, Shri. Kalidass Bhattarcharyya, B.A. (Gallaudet University, Washington DC, USA), Founder & Principal established a school for the deaf children near Delhi Gate, out of love and care for them. This was the first school of this kind know as Govt. Lady Noyce School for Deaf & Dumb.
  • Many well-known commercial and ancient historical monuments like Chakra-Stambh of Ashok era, Firozshah Kotla Fort, Delhi Gate, Mahatma Gandhiji’s Samadhi and Museum, famous cricket and football stadiums of international standard are situated around this Deaf School which is a pride for us. It is situation between New Delhi and Old Delhi, an important facility for us: – the deaf students and our parents.
  • The first Prime Minister of India – Chacha Nehru himself graced an “Establishment Day” Ceremony of this school which was an encouragement for deaf students. 
  • Few years ago, Office of the Department of Social Welfare of Delhi Government (Congress) was shifted from Kasturba Gandhi Marg to the premises of Govt. Lady Noyce Sr. Secondary School for the Deaf temporarily during the renovation of the Office buildings of the Department of the Social Welfare. At that time the Department of the Social Welfare assured the School that after renovation, the Office will be shifted in its old premises (Kasturba Gandhi Marg). But many years have passed since the renovation completed, the office have still occupied more than half of the school premises, and deaf students of primary classes also are being shifted to Nehru Vihar (Timarpur) School which is located far off. 
  • Being an alumni of this deaf school, NAD Team tried to meet the Principal to know why these innocent and tiny deaf students are being shifted far off and when this office of Delhi Government will return back to its own premises? Their answer was that these students are being shifted because the school has not sufficient accommodation. Now, it is clear from above statement that the Government is working secretly on a mollified plan to hand over the whole land of the school to the said the Department of Social Welfare. 
  • The Department of Social Welfare (Congress) had took a huge advantage of the deaf children and violating the fundamental rights of these students and attempting to tread the mission of Late Shri. Kalidass Bhattacharyya – the founder & principal of this deaf school. Land requirement of the Govt. Office might be fulfilled by allotting some another building/accommodation to them. This has totally destroyed NAD Team’s right of education, otherwise why would the Department of Social Welfare, Delhi Goverment seize our deaf school. 
  • NAD Team have written letters to the Chief Minister of Delhi, Smt. Shiela Dixit, and the Child & Women, Education Minister, Smt. Kiran Walia. But they did not take action anything. It wasted our time since 2012-13. 

Now, different Deaf  NGOs working for the welfare of deaf with NAD Team are opposing this wrongful imposition by the Department of Social Welfare, Delhi Government. All of them are protesting against this unauthorised possession by the Department of Social Welfare, Delhi Goverment. 

In this context, they all are requested to take positive and solid steps to oust the Department of Welfare Social from the school premises.

Shri Arvind Kejriwal listened to them in sign language through Interpreter. He said he will look into these letters and will send them to the Department of Social Welfare, Delhi Govt.







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