1st National Deaf Women's Empowerment Seminar 2008

Location: Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh    Projects: Deaf Women Activities: Conference Workshop


1st National Deaf Women

National Association of the Deaf organised first National Deaf Women's empowerment seminar at AICUF Ashram, Shahpura on Sunday from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm Around 172 women deaf participants of 16 states of the country took part in the programme.

The Special guest Shashi Nayak, social worker was inaugurated the seminar Arun . C. Rao, President of Association of Sign Language Interpreter. A.S. Narayanan, General Secretary of National Association of the Deaf, Saju Stephen, Joint Secretary, National Association of the Deaf, TKM Sandeep, Treasurer, National Association of the Deaf gaveĀ speech about the empowering to Deaf Women. Ms. Setina English and Seshane from USA gaveĀ a presentation about Deaf Empowerment.

Women in India was mostly feeling intimidated due to financial dependence and over bearing family. The reason for deaf women being unempowered is fundamentally due to poor education for the deaf community.

Deaf men are ill-equipped to cope with the stress of the modern life style with poor education and poorly paying jobs.

Financial insecurity, lack of understanding of mores and laws of society and no insulation in a sorry state of affairs for deaf women acros the country. The National Deaf Women's Empowerment Seminar is the first attempt to address the issues and problems faced by deaf women on a national scale.







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