International Day of the Deaf 2008

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 International Day of the Deaf 2008

Letters from MSJE to Ministries

NAD demands

Advocacy with the Ministry:

The Secretary of NAD and Dr. Madan Vasishta were able to share the concerns of the NAD with Mr Ashish Kumar, JT Sec MSJE. We shared our concerns with him and asked him to support the deaf community by enacting and implementing the provisions in the 11th 5 year plan. He has taken up the issues we have raised with him and as such has issued letters to Secretaries of all States and also other Central Govt ministries.

Copies of the letters are available for download.

The 51st International Day of the Deaf was celebrated on 28th September 2008 in Delhi. A large gathering of 300 deaf persons met at the Indian Social Institute under the leadership of the President Zorin Singha and Secretary A.S. Narayanan. The work of NAD over the past year was shared with the assembled deaf persons. The new passage of the 11th Plan 2007-2012 and the provisions that are shared therein. The new NAD website was also shared with the group.

Mr. T. Raghava, Secretary, All India Deaf Bank Employees Association was honored with the NAD “Life Time Achievement Award”. His life of service to the deaf community in terms of preparing deaf persons to work in banks and creating training modules for the current deaf bank employees to work in their posts in a more efficient manner. He was a charter member of the DAD, AIFD and AISCD and set up AIDBEA after his selection by Indian Bank.







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