20th World Federation of the Deaf, 2008

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20th World Federation of the Deaf, 2008

A.S.Narayanan, Secretary, National Association of the Deaf, India , Sandeep TKM Treasurer of NAD, Anuj Jain , Secretary , The Deaf Way Foundation, Delhi (India), Umesh Grover, General Secretary, Uttarkhand Deaf Welfare Association, (UA). India. We attended for 20th WFD RSA/P Representatives meeting in Pokhara on December 10th to 12th, 2008 organised by National Federation of the Deaf and Hard of hearing (NFDH) for first time. We were happy and interested to learn our lesson from there program.

The 20th World Federation of the Deaf Regional Secretariat in Asia/Pacific Representative Meeting in Pokhara (Nepal). The Meeting had accepted the proposal proposed by NFDH. NFDH is fortunate with the successful WFD RSA/P approval to organize such a high level international meeting for the interest of deaf people in Nepal and the Asia Pacific Region. It will be the great opportunity to share and exchange the experience of 20 Asia Pacific countries, their delegates, observers and representatives. We hope with the presence of WFD, President Mr.Markku Jokinen and WFD RSA/P Mr. Ichiro Miyamoto, the meeting will be more charming.


The objectives of the meeting are to discuss about the below mentioned Issues:

  • The Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Person with Disabilities (UNCRPD)
  • The Global Education Pre-Planning Project on the Human Rights of Deaf People.
  • The issue proposed by Oceanian Countries.
  • The establishment of the WFD RSA/P Youth Section
  • The Nippon Sign Language Project
  • The APCD Phase II project


The participants will be from 20 Asia Pacific countries of WFD Regional Secretariat. There will be 2 delages from each member country. Along with this there will be participation of Observers, Interpreters and Deaf Youth. On 11th December there will be Meeting of Interpreters in the same hotel separately. From this perspective the conference will be very effective for the interpreters as well. Along with delegates, observers, interpreters and youth WFD, President Mr. Markku jokinen and WFD RSA/P , Director, Mr.Ichiro Miyamoto will attend the meeting. The name of participant countries are as follows :

  1. INDIA
  2. JAPAN
  3. KOREA
  4. MACAU
  8. NEPAL







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