Prerna Kids get help to nail Totu's paedophiles

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Prerna Kids get help to nail Totu

It’s an absolutely horrifying case which took place at Shimla an NGO named Prerna was caught embroiled in a sexual abuse case... Prerna was established in 2003. There were 5 teachers, 4 male & 1 female at present 3 male teachers were staying in the hostel. The institute has 24 students out of which 9 deaf girls and 11 deaf boys were staying in the hostel. It was here where the atrocities that the staff was indulging are with the students came to light. 3 staff members along with the Vice Principal were found guilty of raping 6 girls in the age group of 13, 14, 15, 18, 21, and 22 respectively. A girl even became pregnant at the tender age of 18.

This incident came to light, thanks to the courage of a young girl named Shilpa (Name Changed). She was a student who in the month of March’2009 joined the organization. Initially the students were very shy and hesitant to open up the problems they were facing because they feared their teachers, but as she became closer and friendly to the other deaf children at Prerna she came to know about two things: Firstly the teachers were not trained and were not qualified to teach sign language. Secondly she came know that they were being imposed to sexual abuse. She then told her mother about the whole conspiracy going on at Prerna. She told police and arrested one principal, three teachers on 19th March, 2009

It was only after the culprits arrested that the extent of torture that the children had been exposed to became evident. The smallest girl was 13 yrs of age. Children were all traumatize as they were victims of sexual harassment. And the girl who had been impregnate by them 2yrs back was also present and underwent the same ordeal.

We met Mr. Shekhar (named changed) father of Aarti (named changed) victim who told us he had been a member of a club in the name of the same institution which was a big fraud. Apart from the government they use to charge money from the parents very often. This society was basically eyewash to show the parents the dedication and sincerity to their profession.

This is a very sad case that has come to everybody’s attention. It is very essential that something is done about and the law doesn’t set these culprits free. It is a shameful incident and we should ensure that their punishment is so harsh that everybody will think twice before doing such heinous crime.







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