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On 25th and 26th of April’09. The 2nd national deaf conference was held at Warangal. The conference was inaugurated by Mr. Zorin Singha, President of National Association of the Deaf and Mr. A.S.Narayanan, General Secretary of NAD , Mr. Arun C.Rao, President of ASLI by lighting the lamp. People from different parts of India participated in a large scale and made the programme a grand success. There were nine interpreters who attended this conference.

Mr. A.S.Narayanan explained about the laws and rights which are present to help the deaf to live their livelihood. He also talked about NAD and stressed on the fact that all associations coming together for a cause constitute NAD. He mentioned about the job crises among the deaf community and how discrimination was done between deaf and partially deaf candidates.

Mr. Zorin Singha spoke about the lack of a systematic education system in India for the deaf people. Here the deaf are hardworking and sincere but still they don’t have job opportunities. In foreign countries they have all the provisions available for the deaf are far cry from the provisions available in our country. In India things haven’t changed much since independence. He also explained about the struggles which he has faced in his life as a deaf. He spoke about how it was time for the deaf to rise up to the situation and become aware of their rights and claim them from the Govt. He wants the deaf to take charge of their own rights as the past is gone and the future is yet to come. Alone a person can’t do anything but millions can do many things.

Mr. Arun. C. Rao explained about a new world of opportunity for the interpreters. Interpreters should be experienced in their profession. He talked about WASLI and ASLI and how to become a member of them. There is a huge necessity for more interpreters. The deaf must have interpreters as this would help break the communication barrier between the normal and the deaf. Sign language should be taught in all normal schools as a part of their syllabus and how it is vital for interpreters to hail from all fields.

In the end it was a very enlightening conference as most of the participants had an opportunity to clarify their doubts and meet more people from all walks of life.







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