3rd National Deaf Woman’s Empowerment Seminar

Location: Indira Holiday Home, sector-24-b, Chandigarh    Projects: Deaf Women Activities: Workshop


3rd National Deaf Woman’s Empowerment Seminar

The 3rd National Woman’s Deaf Empowerment Seminar being held in Indira Holiday Home, sector-24-b, Chd, on 28th & 29th August, in which 75 Woman participated from all over the places i.e. Hisar, Bhopal, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Dehradoon, shimla, patiala, Ludhiana, Abohar, Bathinda, and so on.

This seminar was presented by deaf woman, Mrs. Geeta Sharma from Delhi and Anu from Chandigarh. In this seminar, deaf woman were the volunteers and took care of all the arrangements.

On the first day, i.e. 28th August, the brief presentation was given by our special guest, Mrs. Veena, Lawyer of HRLN on the topic of ‘Domestic Violence’.

Then, on the last day, two special guest was invited to make this program more valuable, Ms. Manju Sharma, Gold medalist of Woman & Child Development, spoke on the topic of ‘Empowering the woman’ & ‘to access their rights’.

At the closing ceremony, Dr. Vinay Verma, MBBS, MD(Medicine), MBA(Hospital Management), Senior Consultant Physician from Alchemist Hospital, congratulated the deaf woman & wishing them all the success in their lives.

Their eyes and hands act as their voices. They cannot comprehend what you are saying neither would you be able to understand their expressions. But it does not make their life difficult.

There were hundreds of hearing impaired persons who had converged at the third national seminar on promoting empowerment of hearing-impaired women organised by a Delhi-based NGO, Deaf Way Foundation, at the Indira Holiday Home in Sector 24, Chandigarh.

At the seminar, attended by hearing impaired persons from different parts of the country like Bhopal, Pune and Hyderabad, the speakers were not only greeted in a different style, the participants waived both arms to express their desire to clap while welcoming the speakers.

Disclosing about their mode of communication, coordinator of the foundation, Era Walton, said, “I have been working with hearing impaired people for the past 27 years and I have been in Chandigarh for the past 10 years. Interacting with them is always a pleasure.”

Soon after the seminar concluded all participants gathered at the banquet hall to celebrate the birthday of one of their colleagues Geeta. Yet again the they raised their arms in order to clap as Geeta cut the cake and sang the “birthday song” in their own special way. The youngsters were excited to be with the people with whom they could relate and most importantly “communicate” as well.

There were different speakers namely Veena, a lawyer, and Geeta Sharma who tipped women on developing their personality and enlightened them on their rights.

It was party time for these impaired persons who were trying to capture every moment in their cameras.

Sharing her experiences with the hearing impaired persons, Era Walton asserted, “A couple of years back I had acted as a translator for a hearing impaired lady whose husband had deserted her after 20 years of marriage. The husband was not impaired. It was a learning experience.”

Being impaired makes these people more careful than us, shared Era, “Once I was in Kasuali along with this girl who was hearing-impaired. I was talking on the phone and trekking. She noticed that I might slip and held me and saved me from getting injured.”







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