55th International Week of the Deaf Celebrations 2012, A Friendship Evening

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55th International Week of the Deaf Celebrations 2012, A Friendship Evening

55th International Week of the Deaf was celebrated on 7th October 2012 hosted by Bhopal Deaf Association in association with M.P. Association of the Deaf. There were many programs that were held simultaneously in the capital of M.P. The program was conducted in 2 parts.

The first part was the Deaf Awareness Rally where around 500-600 deaf people participated from all over M.P. The rally began in the morning at 11:00 from Motilal Science College till T.T Nagar Stadium. We created awareness for Sign Language and deaf culture amongst the hearing public. The placards too were very helpful for passing our message and our needs.

The second part of the program was held in T.T Stadium community hall in the form of cultural programs, a friendship evening which included the sharing of the progress in the Deaf community in recent years. It was an auspicious event where both, BDFC and DCF performed dance numbers and plays. This year also saw the birth of a new organisation, "Deaf Can Foundation" which is headed by Mrs. Priti Shah Soni under which things like vocational and educational training takes place. Many other things that were conducted by her were elaborated for the deaf people. The program marked the glorious presence of Mr. Kamlesh Dutta, Head of Indian Oil Corp. who was overwhelmed and wished us best of our future. Mr. Jaichand Singh, Acting Secretary of BDA shared about the progress that their association is making. On this occasion Mr. A.S. Narayanan, Secretary of National Association of the Deaf (NAD), Mr. Saju Stephen, Joint-Secretary, NAD, Mr. Kamlesh Dongre, Secretary, Madhya Pradesh Association of Deaf and Mr. Anoop Chitwadgi, President of Bhopal Deaf Association were present.

Mr. A.S. Narayanan, Secretary of NAD said that he has attended several programs but the way this program was conducted was new and different. He also wished his best to the entire community.

Moreover we had an opportunity to meet Mr. Gokarand from Bhilai, Chattisgarh who is deaf and has lost both his hands. He is a marvel and independent. From eating to studying, writing and even sending a SMS or operating a computer, he does it with the help of his legs.

The program was delightfully interpreted by Ms. Khushi Soni, Ms. Mini Chitawadgi, and Ms. Khushi Dongre. We, like every citizen of this country, have our rights and the implementation of the Disability Act will bring equality, independence and rightful participation in all social, economic spheres and improve the quality of living.







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